About Us

Concentric Circle Magnets Make the Difference

C & D Sales, Inc. is the company behind Medical Magnet Shop.com. We are a small business that chooses to focus on quality magnetic therapy products and the best customer service to consumers searching for alternative health care. Having aches and pains of my own after working in a factory for over forty years I did some research and discovered BIOflex Magnetic products that really help reduce pain and discomforts. In 2010 we decided to expand the alternative health care area of magnetic therapy by launching Medical Magnet Shop.com. Along with all the BIOflex products we carry Meridian Gloves, which contain the BIOflex magnets, and Nanodots which can be used for physical therapy as well as stress relief and just plain fun.

BIOflex Magnets History

BIOflex®, Inc. was incorporated in October, 1986 and is owned by Charles and Ted Zablotsky. They have developed a vast database of the scientific literature on the subject and have become recognized themselves, as pioneers of modern magnetic field therapy.

Dr. Ted Zablotsky, an M.D., has verified the scientific information and advanced the utilization of these products. Their communication skills and credibility have won the loyalty and admiration of the thousands of individuals who have experienced their educational seminars and the benefits of magnetic field therapy.

BIOflex® is the registered trademark of the magnetic device that is so unique it has been protected by international patents. These permanently magnetized flexible pads cause an increase in local blood flow accelerating the body's natural healing process, thus relieving the pain and inconvenience of muscular aches, sprains, tendonitis, muscular low back injury and other nagging injuries. The magnets are intended to be an alternative to the use of such products as heating pads, electrical stimulation units, balms and liniments. Additionally, the use of BIOflex® products could aide in reducing one's requirement for oral anti-inflammatory preparations, muscle relaxants and pain relievers.

The BIOflex® product line fits into today's active lifestyle with products that can accomplish any and all of the beneficial effects of the products mentioned above, with none of the unpleasant features such as thermal or chemical sensitivity. BIOflex® truly represents the kind of "common sense medicine" that appeals to our increasingly health conscious population. 




Elbow Support Wrap
We were looking for a replacement for one we had years ago. This was the closest we could get. It works great for my son’s elbow which is sore during baseball. Thought it would be bulky but it was not and we are very pleased with the product. Shipping was also fast and price was right.


Knee Support
This is my 3rd brace, and they are amazing! I've been able to exercise without pain for months now, and am still avoiding surgery, knock on wood!


"Hi- I have been wearing the magnet all day today and wow what a difference it is making. My back is not hurting! Thank you so much for sending it to me and getting me out of so much pain. I will keep you informed."


Back Support

I hope I can help people. I have played contact sports for 20 years and have had 5 knee operations. My back was killing me for 10 years. I could not jog or play with my kids. I spoke to many people about back operations. It was 50/50. Someone said have you tried magnets. I said are you nutsss. Well I bought a waist magnet just to see. It was only $50 bucks in 2000. I do not believe in little green men or I have to wear my favorite socks in a game for 20 years. I put the waist band on for SEVERAL hours. The pain was gone…..all gone. I would have paid $5000 for that product. That was over 12 years ago and I still feel great. I just want to relate this story to all back pain people. Invest a small amount of money, if it doesn’t work, what have you lost?? I just ordered a belt for my paster. God bless you all….Hutch

J. Hutchings, VA